Startup on the move

Ok great – we’re on the move! 😀

This isn’t that bad after all, quite the opposite. It’s actually very refreshing to work on a project that you’re truly passionate about.

So I got over the hump by starting with something that is familiar to me. And I recommend this technique to anyone who finds it difficult to get started, as it’s a great way to ease you in. I mentioned before that running a business doesn’t come to me naturally so I’m completely outside of my comfort zone. In my mind I had to make the first step as easy as possible because otherwise I’d still be at the starting line.

The next hurdle was to figure out what needs to be done next. Branding of course sounds exciting but don’t fall into that trap because it’s likely to eat up a lot of money (unless you’re a designer) and at this stage you still don’t actually know if there are any people willing to pay for your product or service.

So do you move on to selecting a brand name, creating a website, registering your business, building your product, applying for funding, validating an idea etc. etc. Being the detail orientated introvert that I am my choice was to start putting together a business plan. Clarity, detail and organisation sounded perfect to me!


However, there’s a lot of controversial information out there about where you should start when launching a business. The true entrepreneurs can get going in a weekend and they would tell you to validate your idea ASAP. A more traditional outlook is to start by putting together a business plan and in fact the Prince’s Trust claims that getting it right is crucial.

The Prince’s Trust is a great resource for startups and I used their business plan template as a guide to make sure I incorporate all necessary sections. They also have an online and face-to-face mentoring programme that is available for 18 to 30-year-old entrepreneurs in the UK. So do take an advantage of this valuable and more importantly free resource!

What do you think is the ideal first step when starting a business?

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