Hand up if you’re a wantrepreneur

I am a wantrepreneur.

It’s a rather unfortunate fact and a one that many of us are – sorry.

I had a normal, happy upbringing but business and entrepreneurship doesn’t run in my family. I grew up picking berries in Finnish forests so I certainly don’t feel like an entrepreneur and that makes me doubt my skills and ability to run a business.

The first sign of my wantrepreneurship was that I had a hundred and one excuses not to get started. Not very entrepreneurial of me…

And then of course I was waiting for a miracle lottery win to happen so that I’d have the capital to build my platform. The odds of that happening are something like 1 in 14 million so good luck with that. I clearly lacked resourcefulness. I was blaming all of these external forces for making it impossible for me to start a business.


And let’s not forget, I do want to make money from my business and hopefully reach financial freedom. “She’s only in it for the money” I hear you say. Go on hate me, but can you blame me for wanting to make it big? I would much rather slave over for my business for 15 hours a day than for somebody else’s. Money isn’t however the only reason why I want to start a business.

Helping others feel as amazing as I did is something I want to do. When people started noticing a difference in me I was so excited to tell them how I achieved it. To this day I still recommend my nutritionist to everyone as it makes me happy to help others in similar situations to mine.

Meanwhile my marketing career was going well. At the time, I was running a global company wide project, which kept me busy and it was actually really exciting to do something I hadn’t done before. But something just kept nagging in my mind that I should explore my business idea further.

I had two conversations happening in my head: the negative self-talker and the girl who wanted to spread the joys of wellness. I was torn which conversation I should listen to and I’m frustrated with myself as I have a tendency to default to the negative “you can’t do it” conversation.

This Lifehack article sums up quite nicely what the differences between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs are. Reading it, I feel like I’m meant to fail with my idea.

Is there really no point even trying as I have some of these wantrepreneur characteristics? Do I really not have any qualities that would be useful in launching a startup?

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