How my startup journey began

For the past two years I’ve been feeling quite creative, which frequently led me to come up with business ideas – several times a day at best. They varied from Finnish super foods to mummy social networking to food recycling and the list goes on.


I still think some of these startup ideas are viable and could have great potential to take off but they were just not for me. None of them aligned with my values, interests, knowledge or life stage. I lacked passion and I was just looking for a way to do something else, as my current career was not fulfilling.

In 2016 I came to a point in my life when I wanted to get healthy, as I had various health and skin problems from years of bad habits I hadn’t recognised. I was taking prescription medication for these problems, which of course worked but I knew that the pills were just masking the problems rather than curing them.

So I decided to stop taking the pills and find natural ways to heal. This is when I came across Mind Body Green and in an instant I was hooked. I had health advice on tap so I religiously read through all of their articles. For a couple of months I splurged on expensive essential oils, homeopathic herbs and tested home remedies (manuka honey anyone!?) but this didn’t shift any of my problems. How could it be that these methods worked for others but not me?

I thought I was living a relatively healthy lifestyle – I don’t smoke, take drugs or drink that much and I love berries, fruit, vegetables etc. Quite frankly there aren’t many things I wouldn’t have. But it wasn’t until I decided to seek help from a nutritionist that completely revolutionised my wellbeing.

My nutritionist Mary discovered the causes of my fatigue and skin problems; lack of exercise, cheese and dairy products that I happily consumed at each meal and the fact that I went through most of my workdays with just a massive cup of milky coffee in the morning until dinner. Swiftly I was prescribed yoga, walking, mindfulness and five healthy snacks/meals a day.

I had never felt better in my life so I made sure everyone knew about this incredible secret I had learnt. With this newly acquired energy I started thinking how could others discover and get this incredible feeling that I had? I knew this was something I wanted to share with the world so my startup idea was born.

Though what happened next was probably what happens with many of us wanting to start a business…


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